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Buying rental property

In recent years, the Czech Republic has become increasingly attractive due to its robust economy. More and more people from around the world are moving to the Czech Republic for work and study, and increasingly, Prague is hosting the head offices of leading international companies. And for good reason: the Czech Republic offers very favorable living conditions and business development opportunities. In particular, there is a growing demand for residential and non-residential property. Why? We'll tell you.

Real state is not just the house you live in. It is also a major investment, especially if the investment is well-planned.

At VEKI Group, you will find the ideal professionals to guide you in the field of residen-tial or commercial real estate development. Having been on the market for 8 years, we have accumulated invaluable experience in buying and profitably leasing real estate. The first step is the thorough planning of the property purchase: at this stage it is important to consider both the cost of the property and the profits it will generate in the future. Investing in real estate will give you a reliable return with interest. Allow us to help you choose the perfect strategy.

Real estate is not just the house you live in.
It is also a major investment, especially if the investment is well-planned.

This product

  • purchase of an apartment as a short term or long term rental;
  • minimum investment 60,000 euros (with mortgage);
  • 5-9% per annum from lease payments;
  • 5-6% per annum - average annual growth in the value of liquid real estate

We offer:

  • opportunity to invest at the initial 'excavation' stage of construction, before the property officially goes to market;
  • choosing the best project site;
  • liquid real estate in completed construction projects;
  • full native language support at all stages of the deal;
  • up to 90% payment option by installments;
  • mortgage for those not living in the Czech Republic (non-residents) from 2.49% per annum;
  • our mediation (brokerage) in tenant search and negotiations to save your time and avoid stress;
  • management of your property;
  • additional discounts
Real state is meant to work for you.
We will review options for short and long term lease.

Short term
letting in prague

  • the greatest benefit is that it generates an income of 7-10%;
  • availability to the owner: you can use the property for holiday stay and spend time profitable at home;
  • intenational connections in Europe both for social and businesspurposes;
  • your own business in Prague;
  • quite a lot of time and energy spent on managing the property;
  • singificant costs for furnishing and maintaining an apartment (repair, replacing furniture and appliances, etc.);
  • not every property is suitable for profitable short term rental;
  • the seasonality of the business makes a tourist flow analysis essential;
  • advertising and promotion costs for apartments on relevant platforms

Long term
letting in prague

  • property management does not require huge chunks of time;
  • guaranteed monthly income of 5-6% in foreign currency;
  • less wear to the apartment;
  • quick tenant find
  • less lucrative in comparison to short-term rentals;
  • unavailability of apartment for vacation use and temporary residence of the property owner

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    Receive an investment proposal from our specialists
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    Select your investment project
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    You are the new owner of a property in Prague
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    VEKI Group manages the site, you make the profit
    VEKI Group manages the site, you make the profit

An example from our experience:

Apartment 1 room (studio apartment; living room combined with kitchen), price CZK 4.000 (€ 153.000) Net income from rental amounts to CZK 32,000 (€1,200) per month (average annual rate). Good occupancy (to avoid the apartment sitting empty), requires 3-4 months promotion.
Net profit from long-term lease, CZK 18.000 (€ 690) per month. Average growth in property in this area of Prague = 5% per annum.
Sample table (income from apartment incl. mortgage payments over a 10 year period):

The client's path

Costs: Own funds - CZK 2.000.000 (€ 80.000) Total mortgage payments (10 years) - CZK 2.426.160 (€ 97.000) Furniture, appliances, equipment for apartment - CZK 150.000 (€ 6.000)
Total cost over 10 years = CZK 4.576.160 (€ 176.000)

Earnings: Rental income - CZK 2.160 (€ 86.400) Apartment sale price (with average price growth 5% per annum) - CZK 6.515. 578 (€ 250.600)

Total income over 10 years = CZK 8.675.578 (€ 347.023)
Total profit over 10 year period = CZK 4.099.418 (€ 157.669)

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