Case 02

Buying a home with resale value

VEKI Group offers you the opportunity to invest in projects for resale before they are advertised on the market, prior to construction completion. In this case study, you will learn how by investing €40 000 (CZK 1,000,000) in housing at the initial construction stage, you can earn 30% per annum. Why is this so lucrative? In recent years, the demand for real estate has consistently exceeded supply. This means that those who buy property at the excavation stage can sell it on at an even higher price even prior to completion date.

VEKI Group offers the unique opportunity to invest in sites under construction that are not available to a wider audience.

Another significant plus to this kind of investment is that you don't pay tax on transfer of property ownership.

We work closely with proven developers, thanks to which, you, as our client, gain access to private market proposals. At this stage of construction, apartments are 5% - 15% cheaper than the official market price.

This product

  • buying an apartment for resale at construction stage;
  • minimum investment €20,000;
  • resale term: 1 - 1.5 years;
  • profit from 30 - 50% of investment

We offer:

  • opportunities for investment at 'excavation' stage before property goes to market.
  • pick of the best apartments in each project;
  • only authenticated developers with a good reputation;
  • up to 90% payment in installments;
  • discount apartments at construction stage from 5% - 15%;
  • additional discounts;
  • assignment of preliminary property sale contract rights securing greatest possible profits before commissioning;
  • mortgage for non-residents from 2.49% per annum;
  • investment term from one year to 2 years;
  • VEKI Group earns 30% of the investor's net profit.
What is included in the deal?

Deal stages:

  • 1.
    Asset 40
    Investor reaches out to VEKI Group
  • 2.
    Asset 38
    Project is selected at the very earliest construction stage
  • 3.
    Asset 37
    Drawing up contracts
  • 4.
    Asset 36
    VEKI Group handles the resale
  • 5.
    Asset 35
    From 30% income on investment

How can I make money on the growing price of new builds in Prague?
Stages of price growth for new builds in Prague:

  • Informal sales launch.
    5% to 15%
    lower price
    This is the stage at which you, our investor, join the project
  • Official launch on the market, construction start date
    official starting price
  • Completion of rough construction
    5% to 10%
    price increase
  • Commissioned

Can you give me a specific example?

Example from our portfolio:

Signing agreement on the reservation / future purchase of a 2 roomed apartment (one-bedroom, where the living room is combined with a kitchen), price 4.000.000 CZK (€ 156.000). Initial installment: 20% of apartment cost: CZK 800.000 (€ 32.000). Resale completed within 12 months at CZK 4.500.000 (€ 180.000) Investor profit:

Net profit = CZK 500.000, or € 20.000; CZK 800,000 apartment (€ 32.000) i.e. full return on investment; 70%* of net profit = CZK 350.000 (€ 14.000)

Total profit:

within a year of investing CZK 800.000 (€ 32.000), the investor received a return of CZK 1.150.000 (€46.000), or 43% net profit on investment.

  • VEKI Group takes 30% of investor net profit.
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