Case 03

Investing in Developer Holdings in the Czech Republic

The real estate market does not only attract investors interested in property for resale. If you are looking for a convenient and reliable way to grow your savings that does not require your constant participation and control, you may wish to consider the following opportunity:

“ How can I make my money work for me without having to get involved?”

In this case study, you will learn how to invest in real estate holdings in the Czech Republic, either with fixed annual interest or a profit share. VEKI Group is the chosen representative for major developers in the Czech Republic. We know which structures on the market are looking for investment and will recommend the most viable option for you. This type of investment proposal may be of particular interest to investors who are looking for stable yield without minimum cost to their time.


What this product includes:

  • access to Prague's largest real estate holdings
  • guaranteed returns
  • entry threshold from CZK 5,000,000
  • investment cycle from 1 - 5 years
  • guaranteed profit 6 - 12% per annum (depending on the project and investment)
  • profit share option

What we offer:

  • opportunity to invest in reliable developer structures in the Czech Republic;
  • unique proposals for our investors, not openly available to others;
  • cooperation only with large, seasoned developers;
  • legal support for deals: supervision and verification carried out by our own specialists;
  • keeping clients well-informed on investment progress guarantees their peace of mind;
  • contribution to the development of the real estate market in Europe

Deal stages

  • 1.
    Asset 29
    You express your interest in collaborating with us.
  • 2.
    Asset 30
    We produce an investment proposal tailored to your needs.
  • 3.
    Asset 34
    VEKI Group conducts a risk and profitability analysis
  • 4.
    Asset 33
    The deal is drawn up and contracts signed.
  • 5.
    Asset 32
    VEKI Group carries out checks and verification.
  • 6.
    Asset 31
    You receive money to your account.

How does it work and what will I get?

Example from our own experience

Having received viable proposals from VEKI Group for the market in Prague, the investor chose the most suitable option. In this case the investment was CZK 5.000.000 (€ 200.000) in a developer's holding on the following terms:

fixed rate of 8% per annum with annual capitalization (annual payment) portion of project profits, which in total amounted to 3.7% per annum (payment after 3 years) fixed 3 year investment term

To conclude, let's look at the client's investment return:

Total profit after 3 years: CZK 6.848.560 (€ 266.754)

Investor's net profit after 3 years (excluding taxes): CZK 6.571.276 (€255.954)

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