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Joint Construction Ventures

The scope of VEKI Group's activity covers the full cycle of investment construction projects in the Czech Republic.

In our understanding, development essentially comes down to the quality of our services. We are a team of professionals, who know our job inside out, so that you can be confident in the success of our joint collaboration.

How does VEKI Group work?

VEKI Group brings together specialists from different areas for a perfectly managed project. We conduct detailed studies in the areas of marketing, strategy and market trends, and produce strategic real estate investing calculations. It is due to this stage that we are always able to pick the most promising project for any kind of investment.

The most important criterion of our professionalism are projects successfully realised by our property agency that involve real estate services. Each of our projects is implemented according to an individually tailored plan, taking into account the maximum capabilities of each site and managed under the strict guidance of a team of architects and designers.

VEKI Group offers consulting services to construction companies seeking to move into the European market. We offer professional help with the adaptation process for companies based in the CIS countries, England, Israel, and the UAE, etc.

The main advantage of working with us: once an investor has entrusted to us the whole range of work from project development to implementation, they save time and make more profit.

This product

  • entry threshold from CZK 10,000,000 (€400,000);
  • investment cycle from 1.5 to 3.5 years;
  • yield up to 70% from project profits;
  • full warranty, share in the project

What we offer:

  • access to the most liquid projects in Prague;
  • assistance in obtaining land and building permits;
  • preparation of banking documents, and securing bank financing;
  • project marketing and PR;
  • project sale;
  • tax optimization.
Real state is meant to work for you.
We will review options for short and long term lease.

We’re not just building projects, we’re building the future!

Our investors most ambitious plans are brought to life thanks to the professionalism and experience of our VEKI Group specialists. We secure success for ourselves and our clients by keeping up with the times, using contemporary solutions and innovative ideas.
We create living and working conditions, in accordance with the highest, current standards.


We will show you how to achieve success together with VEKI Group.

Let's take the road to success together

  • 1. Creating the investment proposal
    Asset 50
    We are constantly analyzing the condition and needs of the market, and we collaborate with the biggest players in real estate. Thanks to these two factors, we can always select the most promising project for each individual investor. Whether it is an investment in a shopping centre, land plots for development (housing complexes or cottage villages), or sites for reconstruction, every client can be confident in the safety and success of their investment.
  • 2. Developing a business plan
    Asset 41
    At this stage, we calculate the project budget, and analyze and evaluate the risks associated with timing and commissioning. This step is extremely important for maximizing profits.
  • 3. Due diligence and registering property ownership
    Asset 42
    Due diligence is an investment risk assessment process and appraisal of the investment property, which assures the absence of risk prior to concluding the deal. This includes complete independent legal, financial and accounting auditing. We provide legal support for the deal to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.
    The next step is registering property ownership in accordance with property use and Czech property legislation.
  • 4. Creating an architectural concept
    Asset 43
    We design the layout and appearance of the real estate project together with project architects. At this stage, investors have the opportunity to modify the project, in order to extract maximum benefit from it. When you understand the needs of the market, you can make a meaningful contribution to the success of any construction project.
  • 5. Receiving city-planning documents
    Asset 44
    The next step involves obtaining a land permit (LP) and a building permit (BP). We help the investor acquire all documentation at the stage of engineering and design work.
  • 6. Selecting a contractor and coordinating construction
    Asset 45
    Based on tender results, we select a general contractor and sign contracts. Next, the work of all participating contractors needs to be coordinated, and the implementation of deadlines, quality construction and, of course, budget has to be supervised.
  • 7. Request for funding
    Asset 46
    To raise funds for a construction project, one has to prepare a completely, flawless document package, and create confidence in the company image. After a budget has been provided, a request is made to secure bank financing.
  • 8. Marketing strategy and sales management
    Asset 47
    We create a brand communication strategy: develop the brand name and create a trademark; develop and approve the advertising concept and strategy for brand promotion on the market. At this same stage, we run pre-brokerage (survey companies and potential tenants for the site) and provide legal support for turnkey buyers.
  • 9. The site is ready for handover
    Asset 48
    We oversee the quality and conformity to property use during commissioning. The process of transfer to owners and tenants begins, and this process also requires detailed management and supervision.
  • 10. Putting real estate into commission
    Asset 49
    We also offer commercial management and technical operation of facilities as an additional opportunity for our investors.

Example from our own experience:

The customer was offered a lucrative investment plot with a completed project design and building permit for the construction of a 38-apartment block.

  • The plot price was CZK 108.025.000 (€ 4.321.000) which roughly accounts for 30% of the project outlay.
  • The remaining 70% project financing was supported by a bank loan at 3% APR.
  • The realization cycle was 3 years prior to commissioning.

Total rough profit to the investor: CZK 86.425.521.

Project implementation term:

  • Completion of acquisition: Q1 2015
  • Building permit issued: Q4 2015
  • Construction began: Q1 2016
  • Commissioned: Q4 2017
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