Case 05

Commercial real estate: management and sale

One way of earning up to 10% per annum in foreign currency on the real estate market is to invest in commercial real estate. Our clients represent major international retail chains: Tesco, Billa, Lidl, Iceland, KIK, Penny, Teta.


What this product

  • purchase of commercial premises (completed and under construction, with ready tenant and without);
  • entry threshold from €100,000 (CZK 2,549,325);
  • return on investment up to 10 years

What we offer:

  • liquid real estate in both existing residential complexes and those under construction;
  • opportunity for investment at the 'excavation' stage, before the property officially goes to market;
  • up to 90% payment option by installments;
  • opportunity for assignment of ownership rights in preliminary purchase and sale contract;
  • pre-brokerage, or selection of tenants and lease arrangements;
  • long term rental contracts;
  • real estate management (Asset, Facility and Property management)
  • additional discounts

Buying an existing rental business or hotel

When you choose to purchase an existing rental business, you get a 100% stake in the existing rental business or hotel. The yield from this type of investment is as much as 15% per annum of invested capital.


How does it work?

As the investor, you become the owner of the existing rental business and receive monthly rental payments from its tenants and/or clients. The solvency of international tenants and long-term contracts guarantee a monthly income. VEKI Group provides you with the opportunity to diversify risk to the maximum (i.e. to reduce risk without sacrificing profitability) and to participate directly in various projects.

  • reliable financial banking support;
  • stable, monthly rental income in foreign currency;
  • long-term, rental contracts with key players on the Czech market;
  • joint participation in profit from sale of property
  • solid return on investment
  • risk diversification
  • complete control over your investments and transparency in all dealings
  • successful work at different levels of investment
  • a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive services and forming long-term relationships with our investors

Deal stages:

  • 1.
    Asset 54
    You express your interest in collaborating with us.
  • 2.
    Asset 53
    We select an investment project according to your needs
  • 3.
    Asset 56
    VEKI Group helps in selecting and obtaining credit financing
  • 4.
    Asset 55
    Property ownership is registered
  • 5.
    Asset 51
    VEKI Group carries out necessary management and control
  • 6.
    Asset 52
    You receive profit

Example from our own experience:


Acquisition of the hotel in 2014 at CZK 50 million (€ 1.963.609). Credit issued for 50%: CZK 25 million at 3% APR.


  • Investor’s funds - CZK 25 million.
  • Expenses incurred for checking documentation, legal fees, accountancy - CZK 200.000.
  • Early repayment: 10% penalty on the loan = CZK 2.281.682.
  • Minor hotel reconstruction = 2.500.000 CZK.
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