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VEKI Group offers even more

Additional services

Our professional reach goes beyond property development and investment in real estate. The full range of our services includes the following:

Property Management:

• management of property and outfitting
• managing and regulating investments (Asset Management)
• optimal use of real estate (Property management)
• technical maintenance (Facility Management)
• accountancy support for deals
• filing tax returns in the Czech Republic

Technical services and mediation in all matters related to leasing:

• cleaning services
• minor repairs of apartments, painting and decorating
• collecting rental payments
• overseeing annual installments and accounting
• transfer of electricity and gas supply at the beginning / end of each lease to the new owner; verification and recording payments for gas and electricity
• regular mail box check
• property insurance: preparing and signing contracts
• internet and landline connection, as well as records and accounting for these service payments
• equipping and furnishing the property according to the client's vision: choosing furniture, lighting, blinds, curtains, etc.)

Property lease management:

• complete service for rental of the property, including legal services and regular occupant inspections
• regular appraisal of property condition
• monitoring timely rental payment and mediation in communication with tenant
• terminating rental contracts and signing agreements for the transfer of real estate


Property management and equipment

You are now a property owner. Congratulations! Often, your property is not only the house in which you live. For many, owning a property is an effective way of generating a steady income, even while abroad.

Investing in property is an investment in your future, and so it is very important to choose the right professional support when it comes to the effective use of you property. And if the first step is thoroughly planning the property purchase, the second, no less critical step, is to choose a strategy for managing the facility.
At VEKI Group, you will find experienced professionals who can give you highly competent advise concerning the management of your residential or commercial real estate. With 8 years of invaluable experience, we will direct your attention to the most important factors one should consider for your real estate to work profitably for you.

Why management?

In the process of searching for rental real estate, the owner needs to focus on many difference factors at once: type of premises in relation to rental goal, size, location, as well as the cost of rental. All these, as well as other related tasks are combined under the title of Asset Management. This is the complete management of investor assets (real estate) at all stages of its existence. Our team of professionals will assist you by providing efficient solutions to all these tasks.

Of course, you, the investor, will always express your preferences and needs with regard to the management of your property. Our manager will hold a preliminary consultation with you in order to set achievable goals and define a set of criteria for successful management. After the acquisition and commissioning of the property, our team develops the Facility management, that is, systems and planning, as well as technical support for your property.

Can you tell me in more detail how exactly this will help me? Let's consider in more detail how we can help you in these areas.


Managing and regulating investments (Asset Management)

The main tasks we solve are the following:

• realization of investment strategy taking into account the individual interests of the investor/owner;
• service for the property’s entire life cycle;
• developing a property exploitation strategy;
• opportunity analysis, market and facility location analysis;
• development of a general concept for the development of the facility with a detailed elaboration of the business plan;
• managing rental agreements: drawing up, modifying, extending and terminating lease agreements;
• marketing;
• running administrative tasks (Property Management) and technical issues (Facility Management);
• legal expertise, due diligence, real estate evaluation, investment, divestment, financing;
• planning and formation of reserve funds to carry out repairs, technical maintenance and repairs depending on the stage of the facility's life-cycle;
• reporting and full transparency in all work carried out.


Optimal use of real estate (Property Management )

This management subspecies focuses on the most profitable use of the facility, and with this goal in mind, involves carrying out many types of research and testing. At VEKI Group, we analyze the potential locations that would be most optimal and profitable for a specific type of facility. We create marketing strategies designed to increase the profitability of the facility and therefore create better conditions for real estate owners. In addition, Property Management includes scrupulous maintenance of documentation: rental agreements, as well as all papers required for management purposes (regulations, documentation for technical equipment and appliances, health and safety, and accounting). We also provide legal advice and can, on request, represent the client's interests in third party negotiations. Finally, we deal with all administrative issues.

As you can see, the scope of our activities is vast:


• realization of investment strategy taking into account the individual interests of the investor/owner;
• accounting and overall control of the supervised property; handling all contract-related operations required to service the facility;
• facility inspection, managing insurance, risk management;
• managing rental agreements : finding new tenants, tenancy transfer agreements;
• financial management: budget planning for the property, budget control and implementation, records of income and expenditure; accounting service for the property;
• control and regulation of technical department activities (Facility Management):
• providing support to property tenants, users and clients;
• selection of facility/building manager; subsequent tracking of manager's performance;
• use of state-of-the-art IT business technology for successful management.


Technical maintenance (Facility Management)

Facility Management can be described as the technical equipping and maintenance of the facility. Facility Management brings together all types of activity required for ensuring the safe use of the property. In the case of small properties (for example, apartments), VEKI Group collaborates with companies that manage residential projects in order to meet current requirements and regulations, and secure the comfort and safety of our clients. We offer a full range of property management services, so every client is able to choose according to their own needs and their property requirements.

The tasks we solve:

• inspection, technical supervision, real estate infrastructure management: evaluation of facility condition, reporting, as well as quality control management to ensure the non-stop functioning and operational safety of the property;
• technical management of the building: collection and processing of all required documentation related to the facility, as well as data on the condition of the facility and its level of operation; energy management, scheduled maintenance, renovation and modernization, warranty management; management of facility infrastructure;
• home/building care-taking services, provision and supervision of security services, residents' services for communication within the facility, landscaping services, management of parking area, cleaning services, winter technical services, waste disposal, etc;
• making orders for various services, monitoring and supervision of servants and household staff;
• rational resource use.

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