AALTO Cibulka

Airiness, simplicity and nature, yet we can summarize the principles on which the AALTO Cibulka project is built. The seven-storey apartment building, which has seven separate entrances, ripples on the edge of a natural park, creating a natural transition between nature and the city. To enable everyone to enjoy the proximity of greenery, all apartments have their own front garden, balcony or terrace.


The project stands at the source of the Cibulka brook, at the very edge of the park of the same name, in the heart of which lies an English park full of romantic statues and buildings from the 19th century. Explore the beauties of your new neighborhood, with AALTO Cibulka closer to nature.


There are also important services and amenities. Near AALTO Cibulka there are two kindergartens and elementary schools, a university, a medical center, a dental office and a veterinary clinic. Avion Shopping Park, Globus or the Central Military Hospital are easily reached by car. Disposition of flats

AALTO Cibulka offers apartments ranging in size from 29 m² to 156 m². From 1+kk to 5+kk and penthouses. All apartments have spacious terraces or balconies and offer desirable comfort in the form of clean design and large windows. The price of the apartment is also a cellar and as a bonus we have free moving